Getting Rich for the Average Person

By Jarl Jensen

December 12, 2019


Unfortunately, the vast majority of the ideas I hear tend to be shiny objects. They look amazing at first glance but quickly lose their luster on closer inspection.

Truly great products are surprisingly often the results of research gone wrong. While looking to solve one problem, an amazing solution to another problem appears out of nowhere. Great solutions are the product of close observation, not great thinking. Genius is created by the heart, and not in the mind.

Your Idea Is Only As Good As You Make It

ringing an idea to life takes passion, experience, and problem-solving skills.

  • If you don’t have passion for your big idea, it’s not worth pursuing.
  • If you don’t have experience with the core solution that your big idea solves, then it’s most likely not a good idea for you.
  • If you don’t have the will to solve the problems and challenges involved with turning it into reality, then stop now — there are always problems to solve.

On your road map to bringing your idea to market, you simply have to be willing to do every single activity required of you. Anything less than your complete commitment will result in your idea failing.

If you made it this far into this article and you’re still not deterred — you have the passion, desire, and dedication to seek expert help and bring your idea to market the right way, then ​let’s talk​.

I founded Inventagon over ten years ago. My patented products have now reached over a billion dollars in retail sales. ​Contact me​ about your big idea before you dump your hard earned money into a bottomless pit.

Helping People with Big Ideas

Some people are talented. They are born to sing, play golf, basketball, soccer, or perform some activity at a level only the very best can achieve.

Compensation comes in the form of massive fortunes. They naturally work endlessly to perfect their art as if there was nothing else to do. Their fans quote, cherish, and idolize them in droves.

Luck was still a significant part of their success. Luck created their genes, gave them endless motivation, and made them the best and not second best. As luck would have it, there can only be one.

Measuring Success

Finally, you have made at least a dozen professional-grade and simple ads that drive at the entertaining or valuable part of the book. You will know you have arrived when the cost-per-click is below $0.33 and it is converting into a few book sales for under $20 per day. This should take about six months. A nice trickle of sales should have developed during this time. I include Kindle Unlimited pages in that total.

The cost-per-click is not about saving money, it’s about quality. When the add is good enough to cause a high percentage of people to click on it then the quality is where you need it to be.

Making the Most of Free Days

Now it’s time to make your move to #1. It’s all about timing.

Amazon allows Kindle Unlimited books to be free for 5 days every six months or so. Using services like Freebooksy, schedule your book to be made available with Freebooksy the same day as the Kindle Unlimited free days. Also, do the same for Robin Reads for one of the other 5 days.

On the Free days, post new ads clearly showing the book is available for FREE.

Another secret to getting the coveted #1 spot is to pick your category carefully and often. Amazon allows you to choose 10 categories to be picked for a book.

If you do everything right as I described above you’ll get to make an image like this:

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